Interact. Connect. Share

Quickly add support system for your website or product.

What is QnA Hub?

Hosted application that develops your personal community driven hub.
Leverages your business potential by providing easy to use support system for your business.
Enhances customer satisfaction by increasing interaction with them.

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Why QnA Hub ?

Only application allowing posting questions, expressing wish list/ feedback- all under one roof.
Instant website setup with no friction and pain.
Most affordable prices one can imagine of.

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Sense of pride/ satisfaction of being connected with your clients all the time.
Fetch some extra income by running Google ads.
Pay as you go.

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1. Register yourself at QnAHub – specify your domain.
2. Pay for the plan of your choice/ or go for FREE trial.
3. That’s it. Your website is ready to use. Yes! a treat waiting for you and your clients.

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Interact. Connect. Share

Encourage maximum interaction between your users, provide them a forum to post their questions/ answers and bring them closer to your products. Provide a platform to express their wish list and get more connected to the products. Allow your users to share their feedback with each other and increase the credibility of your products.

Social Network Integration

Today social network in an integral part of netizien's life. We know that. That's why we have integrated many social networks into the system. Users can login and share content on different social networks.

Getting Started

Adding a questions and answers section to your website is a great way to engage, understand and help your users.Nothing to install! Sign up, setup your account and you're ready to go. All you need is your browser.

Fully hosted service

Since is a hosted solution, you no longer have to worry about downloading stuff, setting it up, configuring,etc. This 24X7 fully hosted web application allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime.

Powerful Moderation Control

Quickly approve, delete, or edit contributions. Filters automatically prevent dubious content from being published. Optionally prevent members from using abusive language in their contributions. Easily promote members to administrators to help manage your site. Quickly block users who are misbehaving

Public or Private

Control who can see, join and contribute to your site. Create a collaborative community where anyone can ask and answer. Let anyone join and view your QnA-Hub or create an invitation only private forum.


QnA-Hub has a sophisticated notification system that alerts you and your users on various levels of interaction. Notifications will help keep your community updated, active, and healthy.